Chess Position Trainer

Chess Position Trainer 5.04

This app helps you to create, manage and apply your chess opening repertoire

The name of this application explains its purpose very effectively: it’s a chess position training tool. This is a unique utility meant specifically to help you study and train chess openings and chess positions. Its ultimate purpose is to help you improve your chess opening repertoire and chess positions’ knowledge considerably. In order to achieve this, it offers many handy features and functions. For example, instead of a database of chess games, it comes with a comprehensive position database that lets you discover and analyze strict gameplay positions, without wasting time on entire games.

It also offers a handy and effective opening moves collection where you may store variations, positions, and other similar data. The repertoire is really easy-to-manage and it comes with handy additional features and options such as a scheduler or comprehensive statistics. Furthermore, the repertoire can be easily expanded even further by quickly importing any PGN files to it.

I also like the really impressive advanced functions that this effective tool offers. For example, it includes support for the min-max function which can automatically calculate forced winning (or losing) lines based on leaf node evaluations.

To sum it all up, Chess Position Trainer is a really cool application for any chess players who want a reliable and effective method of improving their skills and knowledge.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can import additional PGN files to the repertoire
  • The interface is customizable (supports skins)
  • Includes database of positions


  • A bit pricey
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